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The variety of YouTube DIY channels is spectacular, which makes it really hard to find the ones that reflects my interests. Some time ago I was in search of some new creative input, and I naïvely typed in the keyword DIY in the YouTube search bar – which to me at the moment seemed perfectly reasonable.  The disappointment increased proportionally with the time I spent scrolling through the results. I was presented with page after page of all capsed titles, trying to convince every sorority girl on the internet to watch the most amazing life hacks, fashion inspiration, DIY school supplies. Ugh. The misuse of the term life hacks is a plague, and the topics covered in the aforementioned videos are no exception. Luckily,  after some months I have stumbled upon a couple of channels that does nice DIY videos (none of which claims to hack any lives, by the way), and I want to share them with you along with my thoughts.

I Like To Make Stuff is the name of the first channel I want to mention, and the name says it all: this guy really likes to make stuff. He has videos of everything from customizing a nerf gun, creating LED lit signs and arcade machines to how to make a bench of reclaimed pallets.  In general the videos are short and concise, and very pleasant to watch. If you hope to replicate some of his creations though, you might run into some problems. This guys arsenal of tools and machines is hard to compete with. He has literally every electric tool I can think of, and he is a fan of using his Ultimaker 3D printer and Inventables X-Carve CNC machine in his videos (which I undoubtedly would have been as well, had I owned them). Having said that, he has many builds that can be done by anyone with some basic tools and the will to do it. I wish he would create some longer videos to go more in depth on the topics he shows his audience, because sometimes scratching the surface of a subject can be more frustrating than it is fulfilling. All in all, unquestionably a very skilled artisan creating quality DIY videos. If you’re not already subbed to this guy, subscribe and rejoice:  think about all the hours of great video watching you have in front of you.

Summarized I feel this channel deserves 5 out of 6 nerd goggles, because of it’s great content and video quality, although I would like to see some more in-depth builds.

5/6 nerd goggles

DIY Perks combines wonderful video quality with interesting and thorough projects. The name of the host is Matt, and I have to credit him for his inspiring creativity. The videos seem very authentic in a way that makes me feel that he only wants to share the cool stuff he created with his fans. So instead of revolving his projects around what he thinks his audience would like to see,  it feels like the audience gets a little peak into his projects and his life.  Some of his videos are long, with the longest a little over 20 minutes, which does not bother me at all. I enjoyed every second of it, and my only complaint is that he does not post videos often enough. From cabinet builds and LED-creations, to how to recover your hard drive, if you want my two cents, this channel definitely deserves a press on that sub button.  I was debating with myself if 5 goggles was appropriate for the infrequent video uploads, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, because of his pleasantly nerdy appearance. 6 out of 6 nerd goggles.

6 nerd goggles

GreatScott if you are into electronics and LED’s, this channel is very good. He has a series called “Electronic Basics” that goes through everything from dimming and multiplexing to capacitors and resistors. The series is very explanatory, and I highly recommend it if you are just getting into electronics. In addition to that, he has a wide variety of Arduino projects, and projects that harness many of the opportunities you have with LEDs. He knows his stuff, and he does not hesitate to explain it. The only thing I miss is some longer projects and videos. All in all a great channel, which always gets me excited when I see a new video is up. If you have not yet visited the channel you should have a look. 5 out of 6 nerd goggles, well deserved!



Also, check out the DIYs we’re doing here at Natural Nerd. I just made a DIY build of a really cool and simple LED-panel used for lighting when I am photographing or filming. The lights it emits is really soft and pleasing, nearly daylight-like. For such a fast and simple build, it came out really nice in the end, and I think it would work well as decoration. Take a look!

DIY LED panel electronics

I’d be glad to take recommendations, so please post them in the comments if you have any. No life hack videos though, thanks.

Until next time, nerds.




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