Update: Godlike workbench, somebody should sue Ikea

One day, we walked into the good ol’basement. We looked at the half broken Ikea cardboard-bench, glared at the unpainted wood walls, and nearly gagged while observing the unorganized conditions the basement had brought itself into (we played no part in that). And we thought, it is time to consider doing something about it. So we considered.

After a year or so, the consideration had come to an end, and we were nearly sure – now is the time. Christmas had passed, family were out of the way. Heck – let’s start right now. So I threw my girlfriend onto the old ikea bench (somebody should sue. It really cant qualify as a bench), and it snapped like a foreign twig under the weight of Donald Trump’s feet. There. Can’t even argue now, it’s officially broken.

Since we were so occupied building the monstrosity of a workbench, we completely forgot to take pictures while working. Which is sad, because it was a sight for gods. Trust me on this.

I wont bore you anymore with the circumstances. Let’s face it, you came for the pics.

Just one second though, here are the specific details:

It is 3.3 meters wide (10.8 ft), and 80 cm deep (31.4 inches). Integrated in the surface of the workbench you will find: 2 ethernet ports, 2 USB-ports and, I kid you not, 14 power outlets. Yep.

Inside the bench we put a vaccum cleaner and an air compressor, both of which can be accessed from the surface, and both of which are controlled by a control panel on the surface.

Plus, we can both jump in beat on it. It does not even creak. Take that, Ikea scrap.

Here are the before and after pics from the basement:

diy basement decoration




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Have a nice one, fellas.

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